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Closing the equality gap in the workplace

The leading provider of corporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion data for asset managers, pension funds and corporations

Equileap’s DEI data

The most comprehensive global database on workplace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We collect, analyse and provide corporate insights on gender equality, race & ethnicity, and LGBTQ+ diversity enabling investors and corporations to make informed decisions.

Our data is provided both as company ratings/scores and as underlying raw data. We cover 5800+ companies, and historical data is available from 2014.

Enabling responsible investment decisions


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We believe a world with equal opportunities for everyone is possible. At Equileap, we help drive responsible investments and empower investors to use their financial influence to promote equality in the workplace.

Our data supports investors with:
• Incorporating social factors into ESG investment processes
• Regulatory requirements (SFDR and more)
• Portfolio construction and analysis
• Shareholder engagement
• Controversy screening
• Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) assessment and benchmarking

Our corporate ratings power multiple indices designed in partnership with Solactive, Morningstar, Euronext, and Indxx. Investment products tracking our indices have more than USD 8.5 billion assets under management.

We also support corporations with Benchmark Reports to foster a more inclusive workplace environment. These reports highlight performance, help mitigate reputational risks, integrate DEI considerations into their corporate strategies, and benchmark against peers, sectors, and countries.

Equileap’s research publications

Extensive research papers on corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) that provide key insights at a global level as well as per region, country, and sector. These publications raise awareness on the progress and challenges around equality in the workplace.

You can’t change what you can’t measure

Collecting data and scoring equality and diversity in corporations is the first step towards sustainable change. Learn more about Equileap’s work.

CEOs of major companies in their sector take a stand for gender equality.

Gender equality is much more than adding women at the board — it is about gender balance at all levels, the pay gap, parental leave for both parents, sexual harassment, and more. And we can’t begin to change what has never been measured, so publishing gender data and information is a primary, necessary first step.

Trends & insights in corporate gender equality

Hear from our team and discover the findings and highlights of our 2024 Gender Equality Report & Ranking for developed markets — a snapshot of the data we provide to investors and asset managers to empower responsible investment.

Hear our CEO’s insights on trends in equality and gender lens investment.