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Equileap and Indxx partner to launch first-of-its-kind US Women in Technology Index

04/05/2023 · Product Launch

  • Indxx Equileap US Women in Technology Index, the first index created by this partnership, shows 5 year backtesting outperformance of 4.99% vs Indxx 500

GPIF, the world’s largest pension fund, allocates a further USD3.7 billion to gender equality

14/04/2023 · Product Launch

  • New Japanese focused version of gender diversity index builds on initial collaboration between Morningstar, GPIF and Equileap started in 2020 (when USD2.9 billion was allocated)
  • Morningstar dedicated website here
  • GPIF press release available here

Sixth annual Gender Equality Global Report: Still more talk than action, but signs of new momentum

02/03/2023 · Equileap Report

  • Australian Mirvac ranks number one globally for a second year, followed by Diageo (UK) Medibank, (Australia) Allianz (Germany) and UBS (Switzerland)
  • Only 28 companies globally (less than 1%) have closed the pay gap
  • Just 18 companies globally achieve gender balance at all levels and just 6% have female CEOs

Equileap and Euronext partner to launch the first-of-its-kind French gender equality ESG index

29/11/2022 · Product Launch

  • Gender Equality France 40 Index shows backtesting outperformance of 3% for past 3 years (vs SBF 120)
  • The index is the first in a family of indices created by Euronext and Equileap to allow investors to align their portfolios with their values by tracking companies that meet both gender equality and ESG criteria.

Asia Pacific region hosts the best and worst performers in the world for gender equality at work

16/06/2022 · Equileap Report

  • Australia is the best APAC market for gender equality at work and hosts the world’s leading company (Mirvac)


  • Women make up just 4% of CEOs in APAC region. Only 2 companies in region achieve gender balance at all levels and just 3 have disclosed the gender pay gap

Fifth annual Gender Equality Global Report: Progress is real but painfully slow

03/03/2022 · Equileap Report

  • Top companies globally are Australia’s Mirvac, followed by Norwegian Bank DNB and UK’s National Grid
  • A tiny minority of 18 companies globally achieved gender balance at all company levels
  • Only 19 companies globally have closed their gender pay gap

Nasdaq launches its ESG Data Hub including data sets from Equileap

29/06/2021 · Product Launch

  • The Nasdaq ESG Data Hub will connect investors with expert-led ESG data sets including diversity, carbon emissions and green bonds
  • Equileap datasets look at the full scope of gender equality in the workplace, from the boardroom to the supply chain

Revealed: The top 100 gender-equal companies around the world

04/03/2021 · Equileap Report

  • Norwegian bank DNB ranks number one globally, followed by Mirvac (Australia), WPP (UK), L’Oreal (France) and General Motors (U.S.)
  • Only 15 companies globally have closed their gender pay gap
  • 5 out of 10 companies globally published an anti-sexual harassment policy

GPIF, the largest investor globally, now allocates USD2.9 billion to gender equality

18/12/2020 · Product Launch

  • New Morningstar index weights constituents based on 19 gender equality criteria provided by Equileap
  • Morningstar dedicated website here
  • GPIF press release available here

Fewer female Chairs of the board (21) than male Chairs
called John (23) in the S&P 500 companies

08/12/2020 · Equileap Report

  • Only 8% of all Chair, CEO and CFO positions at S&P 500 companies are occupied by women
  • 91% of companies do not publish their gender pay gap
  • 213 of the S&P 500 companies offer two weeks or more of paid maternity carer leave

France outperforms Germany on gender equality

04/03/2020 · Equileap Report

  • Top countries for gender equality in Europe are France (average score of 52%), Sweden (49%), Spain (46%) and Germany (44%)
  • German listed companies underperform French ones on all criteria except for flexible work options
  • Only 3 in 10 European companies publish their gender pay gap

Kenya performs as well as Canada and the United States on gender equality

13/11/2019 · Equileap Report

  • Standard Chartered Kenya would also rank within the Top 50 companies globally
  • No company achieves gender balance at all levels
  • One-third of companies have at least one corporate social responsibility project targeting women or girls

Equileap announces the world’s top 100 companies leading the way in gender equality

01/10/2019 · Equileap Report

  • Top 3 companies are Diageo (UK), Bank of America (US) and Mirvac (Australia)
  • Less than 1% of the companies globally have no pay gap
  • Australia, France and Sweden remain the best performing countries

Companies in Canada score lower than in the US on gender equality

08/03/2019 · Equileap Report

  • Top three Canadian companies are TD Bank, CIBC and Enbridge
  • Equileap assessed companies in the S&P/TSX 60 Index on 19 gender equality criteria

European gender equality index licensed by gender expert Equileap to Swedish online bank Avanza

08/03/2019 · Product launch

  • Tracker listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange based on the Top 75 European companies
  • Growing trend toward gender-lens investing with fifth tracker launched in 18 months

Groundbreaking ranking of top US companies on gender equality

19/02/2019 · Equileap Report

  • General Motors is the only leading US company with no gender pay gap
  • No company achieves gender balance at all levels – board, executive, management, workforce
  • A vast majority (71%) of US companies now have an anti-sexual harassment policy in place

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