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Privacy policy

This is the Privacy and Cookie Notice of Stichting Equileap Investment Services Support, based at Weesperstraat 61, 1018VN Amsterdam in The Netherlands (“Equileap”). This Privacy Notice provides information on, and is applicable to, all processing of personal data of the users of the website and services (Users) of Equileap. In this privacy policy we explain which data we use and how we save, protect and process this data. This privacy policy applies to our website (the “Website”) and the services that we offer (the “Services”). We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and, when implemented, with the relevant provisions under Dutch law (the “Relevant Legislation”).


Persons below the age of 16 may only provide personal data to Equileap if they have written permission of one of their parents or their legal guardian who has read this privacy notice.


To offer our Website and Services we process personal data. “Personal data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. This definition used in our Privacy Policy is not identical to the definition of Personal Data as stipulated in the Relevant Legislation for reasons of readability.


We can store your data at various moments, for example when you visit our Website, use our Services or when you contact us. Through this privacy notice we ask your consent to process your data. In addition, we may need your data to carry out any agreement between you and Equileap. If you choose not to share your data, we cannot process and deliver your orders.

We will not process your data without your consent, unless we are legally obliged to do so.


For the technical and functional management of the website and application

What does this purpose entail? When you visit our website or application, we process technical data linked to the use of the website or application to enable us to deliver the functionalities of the website or application. With this technical data we can manage the website or application, for instance by resolving technical difficulties or improving the accessibility of certain parts of the website or application. This way, we ensure that you can (continue to) find the information on the website or application in a quick and simple manner. For this purpose cookies are used as well.

Which personal data do we process for this purpose? For this purpose we process technical data like the IP-address of your computer, the visited webpages, the internet browser you use, previous/next visited websites and the duration of a visit/session.

The generation of management information, statistical data and market research

What does this purpose entail? We perform research into market trends through statistical analysis. We use the results of such research to evaluate our current products and services and to adapt our products, marketing and stations to new developments. The research results may also used to provide feedback to NGOs on results achieved by the grant awarded by such NGOs to Equileap. The research results are only reported on an aggregate basis. This means that the results cannot lead to identification of individual Users in any way.

Which personal data do we process for this purpose? To generate these informational reports we process data such as the time and date of your last successful visit and which products are viewed and purchased. The results in these reports are purely statistical and cannot be traced back to you.

Development and improvement of products and services

What does this purpose entail? We use aggregated/anonymized personal data to analyse customer behaviour and to adjust our products and services accordingly, to ensure that it is relevant to our customers. We can make adjustments to our offering, our newsletters or our website or application. We may also adapt our promotions on the basis of our analysis.

Which personal data do we process for this purpose? We analyse how often you read our newsletters, how often you visit our website, which pages you click on our website, what goods or services you purchase through our website, your name, address, e-mail address, your country of residence, your user type and your phone number.

For development and improvement of the website

Equileap uses aggregated / anonymized personal analyse Users’ behaviour and to adjust the website, to ensure that it is relevant to Users. Equileap can make adjustments to offerings, e-mails or the website.

Which personal information does Equileap process for this purpose? Equileap may use personal information, e.g. how the website, which pages you click on the website or what services you purchase or receive through the website. These personal data enable us to administer your account and enable us to ensure the confidentiality and maintain the security of your purchases.

Which personal data do we process for this purpose? For this purpose we process data such as your e-mail address, your name, your address, your phone number, user type and project name.

To process orders and payments

What does this purpose entail? Equileap will use your personal information to process your purchase and payments and to deliver your order. For example, after placing your order for a Company Report, Equileap will send you an e-mail with the purchased Company Report.

Which personal information does Equileap process for this purpose? Equileap may process your name, e-mail address, your address, phone number, bank account details and details about the purchase. While processing your order we provide PayPal and/or ING bank N.V. relevant personal data.

For bookkeeping

What does this purpose entail? Equileap will use your personal information for bookkeeping. We need your personal information to send you invoices, to process refunds and to keep track sales and expenses Equileap may process your name, username, e-mail address, your address, phone number, bank account details and details about purchases.

Equileap retains such data as long as required by law.

To comply with legal obligations

What does this purpose entail? Equileap may disclose your personal information when required by law or legal process; when necessary to protect and defend the rights or property of Equileap or when necessary to protect the personal safety of Users of the Website or services.

Which personal information does Equileap process for this purpose? Equileap asks Users for certain personally identifiable information about themselves (e.g. name, e-mail address, address, telephone number, country of residence, company name.). Users’ personal information is collected at the point of registration to the Website or Services as well as at any later stage when using the Website or Services. The Website may offer questionnaires, web logs, web postings, bulletin boards, chat rooms, newsgroups or other forms which permit Users to submit personal information online. Any information Users transmit online is considered personal information and is subject to this Policy.

For answering your questions

On various pages of the website or application you may ask one of our employees a question. You can also contact us by other means (such as e-mail, fax or telephone). In this case we will use your personal data to answer your question.

Which personal data do we process for this purpose? For this purpose we process your name, your contact information, your correspondence with us about your question and all other personal data you provide us with and which is required to answer your question.

If you have consented to this, for sending you information about Equileap by e-mail

What does this purpose entail? We would like to keep you updated on our latest vacancies/events/developments/news items/ special offers etc. and other opportunities and developments within Equileap. We will do this by means of e-newsletters to the e-mail address provided when registering on the website or services. If you would like to stay informed on these topics, you can indicate this by ticking the appropriate box. Every time we send you a newsletter you have the possibility to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

Which personal data do we process for this purpose? For this purpose we process your name, your e-mail address and an overview of which e-newsletters we have sent you.

Promotions and personalised offers

What does this purpose entail?  You may choose to receive personalised offers and promotions from Equileap that are tailored towards your personal preferences based on segmentation and profiling (e.g. analysing your purchase history and purchases of other customers). With personalised offers, we would like to notify you of products, events and promotions that we believe may be of interest to you. Such personalised offers may include notifications to inform you of changed prices, an offer to extend your subscription or purchase a new subscription before your subscription expires. You may receive your personalised offers by e-mail, phone, SMS, through the website, apps, social media or any other digital channels used by you.

Which personal data do we process for this purpose? To send you personalised offers and promotions, we use your name, e-mail address, phone number and address. In order to be able to provide you with personalised offers, we need to understand your preferences. In order to be able to determine your preferences, we will analyze your purchase history. This includes data regarding (i) specific products you buy or license, (ii) your total amount of purchases per transaction, (iii) the time and place of the purchases you make, (iv) the payment method you use (v) your shopping frequency.


Your personal data are treated strictly confidential and Equileap has taken the appropriate technical and organisational security measures against loss or unlawful processing of this data. To this purpose Equileap uses several security techniques including Secure network connections with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology or a technology that is similar to SSL, firewalls, as well as well as physical safeguard of the locations where data are stored, a limitation of data access to only those persons that need the data, and employee confidentiality statements and NDAs with third parties.


We shall store your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes listed above.


As part of the services offered through our website or application, personal information provided may be transferred to countries outside of the European Economic Area (“EEA”) to a country or territory whose laws may not provide adequate levels of protection to personal information. If Equileap transfers information outside of the EEA in this way, Equileap will take the appropriate steps to ensure that the privacy rights of Users continue to be protected. We can share your data for example with Hubspot, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, online payment services and payroll administrators. These parties are “processors” within the meaning of the Relevant Legislation. In addition, if users use the services while they are outside the EEA, their personal information, including sensitive personal information, may be transferred outside the EEA in order to provide them with those services.

Only if Equileap is required to do so by law, will your personal data be provided to supervisory agencies, fiscal authorities and investigative agencies.


On the website you will find a number of links to other websites. Although these websites are selected with care, we are not responsible for the processing of your personal data through these websites. Equileap’s terms and conditions and this privacy and cookie notice are therefore not applicable to the use of such websites.

If you choose to share our website through social media such as linkedin, facebook and/or twitter, your personal data (such as your name and the fact that you are interested in Equileap) will also be visible to all the visitors of your personal webpage on linkedin, facebook and/or twitter. On the use of such social media websites only the terms and conditions (including the privacy policy) of the social media website apply. Equileap is not responsible for the processing of personal data or the privacy policy of such social media websites. Equileap’s terms and conditions and this privacy and cookie notice is therefore not applicable to the use of such websites.


Our carefully selected partners and service providers may process personal information about you on our behalf as described: “Digital Marketing Service Providers.” We periodically appoint digital marketing agents to conduct marketing activity on our behalf, such activity may result in the compliant processing of personal information. Our appointed data processors include: (i)Prospect Global Ltd (trading as Sopro) Reg. UK Co. 09648733. You can contact Sopro and view their privacy policy here: Sopro are registered with the ICO Reg: ZA346877 their Data Protection Officer can be emailed at:


Cookies are little (text)files which are stored on your computer. Your web browser stores these cookies when you visit our Website. These cookies will be retrieved when you visit our website again. This allows our Website to recognise you as a previous visitor. We may use cookies to improve your user experience on our Website. Cookies are essential for the operation of our Website, make sure that you can visit our Website safely and track bugs and errors at our Website.

By storing cookies we make sure that:

  • your items are kept in the shopping cart
  • you shop safely at Equileap
  • the Website works efficiently
  • we are able to track bugs, errors and abuse on our Website
  • we can test improvements
  • we can advise you based on your former views and/or purchases

You can change your cookie settings in your browser, if you don’t want cookies to be sent to your device. We will not save cookies if you visit our Website. Please note that some Website features or services of our Website may not function properly without cookies.


This Privacy and Cookie Notice may be changed over time. Users of the website and services are advised to regularly review the Privacy and Cookie Notice for possible changes. You can review the most current version of the Privacy and Cookie Notice on

This Privacy and Cookie Notice was last changed on 26 March 2019.


You can request access of the data that Equileap processes about you at any time and have these corrected or removed.

  • You may request access to the personal data we process about you;
  • You may request us to correct, update, shield or delete your personal information in our records;
  • You may request a copy of the personal data we have processed about you;
  • You may file a complaint against processing your data;
  • You may file a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens), if you are under the impression that we process your data unlawfully;
  • You may always withdraw your consent to process your data. We cannot process your data from the moment you withdraw your consent.

Should you have further questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us via the information below.


Stichting Equileap Investment Services Support
Weesperstraat 61
1018 VN Amsterdam
KvK-number: 67397972