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Our story

Our mission is to close the equality gap in the workplace

We help investors use their investment power to bring about change and close the equality gap in the workforce.

Our Story

Equileap believes that a world where everyone has equal opportunities in the workplace is possible, and that the pay gap, discrimination, and lack of women in leadership positions should become things of the past.

The company was founded in 2016 by Diana van Maasdijk (CEO) and Jo Andrews, both philanthropy and women’s rights experts. Their mission was to take a leap and close the equality gap in the workplace, by laying out the data to show why that leap was so important. And more importantly, this data would be made available to asset managers and pension funds so they could align their investments with their values.

Diana’s previous experience as Head of Philanthropy at ABN Amro Bank led her to realise the potential of leveraging the power of the financial markets to promote positive social impact- particularly to improve equal opportunities in the workforce.

In order to achieve this, investors needed adequate data to make informed decisions. That is when Equileap was founded- to help investors invest with an equality lens.

Equileap is a pioneering organisation in the assessment and ranking of 5,800+ companies around the world on gender equality and diversity & inclusion using a unique research methodology. It is now recognised as a leading provider of data and insights on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Data & indices

We assess over 5,800 companies globally, evaluating them across 21 key indicators using our proprietary Gender Equality Scorecard™. Our research goes beyond numbers, documenting controversies related to gender, race & ethnicity, and LGBTQ+ discrimination with meticulous detail.

Asset managers and pension funds leverage our data for sustainable investing strategies, ensuring their portfolios align with responsible investment principles and regulations.

Solactive, Morningstar, Euronext, and Indxx have partnered with us to create indices that track companies excelling in gender equality. These indices not only serve as benchmarks but also support the development of financial products catering to investors focused on gender lens investing and sustainable investment opportunities.

Research publications

Equileap publishes research on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (DEI) worldwide, providing nuanced insights by market and sector.

Our research approach ensures accuracy and depth, offering valuable intelligence for companies improving their DEI practices and investors integrating inclusive values into their strategies.

These publications empower stakeholders with actionable information to drive positive change and informed decisions in diverse business landscapes.

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