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    The latest news from Equileap: our emerging markets report, a pioneering index, and why living wages are important

    2024 #1 · Equileap quarterly newsletter

    Gender Equality in Emerging Markets – the data may surprise you!

    2023 #3 · Equileap quarterly newsletter

    New racial and LGBTQ+ research strengthens the S in ESG

    2023 #2 · Equileap quarterly newsletter

    New! Benchmarking reports to help companies reach gender equality

    2023 #1 · Equileap quarterly newsletter

    Record $1.5 billion plus assets for Equileap’s Index

    2022 #1 · Equileap quarterly newsletter

    Gender-lens funds continue to grow!

    2021 #2 · Equileap quarterly newsletter

    Strong start for ESG data, this year could be a turning point

    2021 #1 · Equileap quarterly newsletter

    Only 8% of all Chair, CEO and CFO positions at S&P 500 companies are occupied by women

    2020 #3 · Equileap quarterly newsletter

    Sweden and Denmark rank high on gender equality at work – but they’re not number one

    2020 #2 · Equileap quarterly newsletter

    The Nordic countries are often hailed as world-leaders when it comes to gender equality, particularly in the workplace. Our recent report, ‘Gender Equality In Sweden and Denmark’, shows some definite positive results, as well as areas for improvement.

    Looking forward to gender equality- even during lockdown

    2020 #1 · Equileap quarterly newsletter

    During this time of global health and economic crisis, we understand that gender equality in the workplace may not be the first thing on everyone’s minds. People are dealing with tremendous financial instability, as well as a period of prolonged uncertainty that can profoundly impact our physical and mental wellbeing.

    Higher percentage of women CEOs in Kenya than in the US and UK

    2019 #4 · Equileap quarterly newsletter

    Kenya is ahead of the UK, the US and Canada in terms of the proportion of female CEOs in top companies. Out of the 60 companies analysed, 12% had a female CEO, compared to 6% in the UK’s FTSE 100 and 7% in the US’ Fortune 500.

    Equileap Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking 2019 launches

    2019 #3 · Equileap quarterly newsletter

    It’s with great pleasure, and pride in our team and partners, that I write to inform you of the publication of our 2019 Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking. The most progressive companies not only enjoy the top spots in our ranking but also in various gender equality indices, and thus attract investors wishing to align their capital with their values.

    Investors with USD 1.6 trillion in assets behind them are calling for gender equality data

    2019 #2 · Equileap quarterly newsletter

    Ninety-seven investors are asking companies to increase public access to gender data. Investors are concerned that companies are willing to make promises regarding workplace equity, but unwilling to provide corroborating data. In 2018, 84% of the S&P 100 companies made public commitments to gender equality but only 51% disclosed their parental leave policies and a mere 1% published gender pay information.

    No company in the S&P 100 Index achieves gender balance – at all levels

    2019 #1 · Equileap quarterly newsletter

    Our report Gender Equality in the US ranks companies in the S&P 100 index based on their commitment to gender equality, including their healthcare benefits. This is the first research ever to assess the largest US companies on their gender equality practices, including the way these are reflected in the health insurance coverage provided to employees.