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Equality & Diversity Data

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The most comprehensive equality database globally

Equileap’s DEI data offers a robust framework for quantifying and evaluating companies’ social performance, and empowering investors to drive tangible change through responsible and sustainable decisions. Our global database meticulously analyses and validates corporate data on gender equality, race & ethnicity diversity, and LGBTQ+ inclusion across +45 countries in developed and emerging markets.

Our methodology sets the industry standard, assessing a comprehensive array of DEI indicators. This empowers financial institutions to gauge risks and opportunities associated with (in)equality, facilitating informed investment strategies.

We address Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) gender indicators, legal controversies concerning harassment and discrimination, and support for gender-diverse employees worldwide. By providing actionable insights, Equileap supports clients in mitigating risks, identifying opportunities, and advancing sustainable development.

Unlock the potential of equality-driven investing with Equileap.


Years of historical data available since 2014


Equality indicators with 48 metrics


Countries covered


Companies researched
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A unique Dataset

Equileap’s rigorous data holistically measures a company’s gender equality and diversity & inclusion performance from the board to the supply chain. We cover 48 metrics, including gender balance across the workforce, the gender pay gap, paid parental leave, anti-sexual harassment policies, supply chain policies, support for gender-diverse employees, and more.

Our proprietary Gender Equality Scorecard™ provides scores and rankings based on 21 indicators, and our controversies data provides a critical eye by monitoring discrimination based on gender, race & ethnicity, and LGBTQ+ identities.

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