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New York Times (United States)


Reckitt Benckiser Gives New Parents More Paid Leave
Another FTSE 100 firm, Diageo is one of only five companies globally to offer equal lengths of 26 weeks paid parental leave for both the primary and secondary carers, for all their employees globally, according to equal workplace rights group Equileap.

Daily Nation (Kenya)


Study: Corporates have few women bosses
Women still lag behind in Kenya’s corporate management, with only 22 per cent representation, a new report on gender equality at the workplace shows. According to the report launched by the Nairobi Securities Exchange, Equileap and New Faces New Voices on Wednesday, of the 60 companies listed on the NSE, only seven are headed by women.

BBC (Kenya)


Gender equality in the workplace
A new report published by Equileap assessing gender equity in Kenyan companies shows there are no companies with gender balance across all four levels assessed; board, executive, senior management and workforce.

CityWire (UK)


Gender diversity helps Diageo stay on top
This month, Diageo has topped Equileap’s gender equality rankings, jumping from 11th place globally last year. It is the only UK company in this year’s rankings (there were none last year), with a score of 74%.

Europe1 (France)


On parle d’Equileap sur Europe 1 (from 5:18 to 5:36)
On connaît TF1 au sommet des audiences, il y a aussi l’entreprise qui fait parler d’elle. selon l’agence Equileap, TF1 se classe comme le premier groupe média dans le top 100 mondial des entreprises les plus respectueuses de l’égalité hommes-femmes.

Expansión (Spain)


La igualdad de género avanza lenta en el mundo empresarial
La igualdad de genero avanza lentamente en el mundo y aún queda camino por recorrer. Equileap, una de las grandes organizaciones que luchan por acelerar la igualdad de género en el terreno laboral, ha elaborado, por tercer año consecutivo, su informe global que analiza la situación en el mundo empresarial y evalúa las actuaciones de las grandes compañías para acelerar el equilibrio de género en sus organizaciones.

CNBC (United States)


US lags other countries in funding programs to promote gender equality at work
October 2019 month marks two years since allegations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein surfaced in the media. Still, almost half of U.S. companies (48%) have no sexual-harassment policy. That’s according to a new report from gender equity watchdog Equileap, which found that the U.S. lags other developed countries when it comes to funding programs to promote gender equality in the workforce and requiring companies to report gender gap metrics.

Het Financieele Dagblad (The Netherlands)


Vrouwvriendelijk beleggen scoort, bewijst de nieuwe wereldindex van Equileap
De banken UBS, Rothschild en BNY Mellon doen het, net als vermogensbeheerder Storebrand: investeren met een focus op diversiteit. Beleggen in bedrijven die werken aan de interne man-vrouwverhouding en letten op vrouwvriendelijkheid is bezig aan een snelle opmars. Een in Nederland gemaakte bedrijvenindex, waarvan vandaag de nieuwe editie verschijnt, geeft beleggers wereldwijd een extra duw in de rug.

Realtid (Sweden)


Swedbank på topplista
Enligt rapporten Financial Services Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking rankas Swedbank som det tredje mest jämställda bolaget i Sverige. Equilaeaps rapport sätter fokus på hur arbetet med jämställdhet och mångfald i större företag utvecklas på en global nivå, genom att gradera och genomlysa statistik utifrån 19 olika kriterier.



‘Alarm bell’ as top global firms score poorly on sexism and harassment
Almost six out of 10 global companies do not have an anti-sexual harassment policy two years after #MeToo went viral, a survey found on Tuesday, noting controversies in U.S. tech firms.

VA (Sweden)


Svenska bolag långt ifrån jämställdhetstoppen i världen
Australien, Frankrike och Norden bäst på jämställdhet, men fortfarande finns mycket kvar att göra. Här får du veta vilka bolag som är allra bäst. Castellum, Tele2, Swedbank och Billerud Korsnäs är bland världens 100 mest jämställda bolag, enligt årets Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking.

The Straits Times (Singapore)


Just 5 major companies offer a year’s paid, equal parental leave: Study
Just five major companies allow all mothers and fathers to share a full year of paid parental leave, a workplace equality organisation said on Monday (Sept 23), as rights groups said closing the gap would combat discrimination towards women.

Citywire (United Kingdom)


Three ways to invest in gender balance for your clients
Just as financial advisers and wealth managers need to be prepared for clients asking questions about ethical investing, they may also need to prepare for questions about investing in gender equality.

Het Financieele Dagblad (The Netherlands)


Meer vrouwen in de top betekent niet per se hogere winstcijfers
Een causaal verband tussen vrouwen in de top en de winstcijfers is heel moeilijk aan te tonen. Het gaat volgens Van Maasdijk dan ook niet alleen om de cijfers die worden gepresenteerd op de winst- en verliesrekening. Winst is volgens haar een veel breder begrip en zit hem, ook, in gelijke kansen voor mannen en vrouwen. Wat haar betreft moet het uitgangspunt niet zijn: meer vrouwen aan de top, maar gelijke kansen voor iedereen binnen het bedrijf.

Market Watch (United States)


Procter & Gamble donated $529K to help U.S. women’s soccer win equal pay — while paying some of its U.K. female workers 28.5% less than men
“It’s absolutely fantastic that they’ve stepped up and shown leadership in this way and made a donation to the women’s team,” Equileap CEO Diana van Maasdijk said. “At the same time, what’s really going to change the world for all women is when companies start to be transparent about their own pay gap and start ensuring that the pay gap is lowered.”

Cash (Switzerland)


Geld verdienen mit Frauenrechten?
Der Schweizer Frauentag fordert Lohngleichheit zwischen Mann und Frau. Diese zwei ETF investieren in Unternehmen, die sich in puncto Geschlechterdiversität positiv hervortun. Mit erstaunlicher Performance.

Raconteur – A Times publication (United Kingdom)


Goodbye to tokenism: the fight for gender equality
Having a few more women on boards across the world is more of a symbolic effort and does little to increase female representation at other levels of the company. Tokenism in the workplace also doesn’t address equal pay. In fact, according to a 2018 Equileap report that monitors almost 3,500 companies globally on gender equality, only two could prove they had no gender pay gap overall.

The Independent (United Kingdom)


The best companies for maternity and paternity pay, revealed
A new study, which looked into the parental leave policies of 200 large companies, has found that just three firms offer the same amount of time off to both parents.The research from Equileap named drinks giant Diageo, which owns Smirnoff, Baileys and Guinness, insurance firm Aviva and finance company Investec as the best for giving their staff equal parental leave.

The Times (United Kingdom)


An eco-friendly portfolio for a new baby like Archie
Camilla Ritchie of Seven Investment Management, a wealth manager, says that she thinks the Duchess of Sussex’s feminist principles could mean that she would be interested in the Lyxor Global Gender Equality ETF, which is based on an index from Equileap, an organisation which promotes and holds data on gender equality in the workplace.

NBR (United States)


Nightly Business Report – Closing the pay gap
Companies who are more transparent about their pay, are more likely to close their gender pay gaps. NBR reports on the latest study conducted by Equileap on top companies in the United States.

CNBC (United States)


Closing gender pay gap could take another 50 years, according to new survey
One reason Equileap focuses on transparency – and this is such a key issue moving forward to closing the gap – is the more that companies actually disclose their pay gap, the more likely they are to do something to close it.

Bloomberg (United States)


‘ELLE’ Gives a Global ETF Spin on Corporate Gender Equality
The ETF industry has something for everyone — the Lyxor Global Gender Equality UCITS ETF (ticker: ELLE LN/ELLE FP) was the first ETF in Europe focused on gender equality. The ETF is powered by Equileap data and has climbed more than 10% over the past year.

NBR (United States)


How to Evaluate Funds that Invest in Women
Investing in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that promotes environmental, social and governance policies allows people to try and align their investments with their values – that includes investing in women. A growing amount of data show that ESG-focused investments can perform just as well or even better than traditional investments, letting people do good socially and financially.

The Globe and Mail (Canada)


Why investors need to pay attention to gender equity, a toy stock that could rally, and the big winners of the bull market
Canada’s top public companies significantly lag their US and global peers when it comes to gender equality in the workplace, according to new research by Equileap, a non-profit based in Amsterdam that tracks corporate gender equality.

Market Watch (USA)


Here’s an ETF to make International Women’s Day more than one day a year
On this International Women’s Day, you can vote for the empowerment of women with your savings as well as your ballot. The YWCA Impact Shares Women’s Empowerment ETF WOMN, +1.63% bills itself as the first socially conscious, ESG — a category comprising funds that take environmental, social and governance concerns into account in their investment decisions — exchange-traded fund that singles out women’s issues specifically in its investment policy.

Dirigentes Digital (Spain)


¿Sabe que hay ETFs que invierten en igualdad de género?
La hora de la igualdad de género ha llegado. Queda mucho por hacer y eso se visualiza en jornadas como la de hoy, Día Internacional de la Mujer, pero los cambios están en marcha. También desde el punto de vista de la inversión. En un momento en el que las megatendencias mandan conviene no perder de vista que también se puede invertir en igualdad de género.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland)


Unternehmen, die Frauen gute Bedingungen bieten, rentieren besser
Diskriminierung von Frauen im Beruf sei nichtexistent oder sehr klein, sagen die einen. Im Gegenteil, sie sei beträchtlich, glauben andere. Die Renditen von zwei ETF könnten eine Antwort geben.

All News (Switzerland)


Avanza suit l’indice de Solactive sur l’égalité des genres
La plateforme numérique d’épargne et d’investissement lance le Tracker AVA utilisant le Solactive Equileap Europe Gender Equality Index.

Investment Europe (United Kingdom)


Sweden’s Avanza licenses gender equality index for tracker
Avanza, the Swedish online stock broker and fund services provider, has licensed use of the Equileap European Gender Equality 75 index to support the launch of its AVA Gender Equality Tracker – an exchange traded note listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Realtid (Sweden)


“Vi vill underlätta hållbara investeringar för våra kunder”
Avanza lanserar AVA Gender Equality Tracker som följer Equileaps unika europeiska jämställdhetsindex möjliggör investeringar i jämställda bolag. –Vi vill underlätta hållbara investeringar för våra kunder, säger Rikard Josefson, vd Avanza.

The Globe and mail (Canada)


See how badly Canada’s top public companies score on gender equality – and why investors may pay the price
Canada’s top public companies significantly lag their US and global peers when it comes to gender equality in the workplace, according to new research, and risk losing investor confidence if improvements aren’t made.

cBanque (France)


Crédit Agricole, BNP Paribas… Votre banque est-elle exemplaire en matière d’égalité salariale ?
Les entreprises de plus de 1 000 salariés doivent publier leur index d’égalité femmes-hommes afin de lutter contre les inégalités professionnelles. Les banques sont-elles de bons élèves ?

Impactivate (United States)


A fresh take on gender equality in the workplace with Equileap’s Diana van Maasdijk
Despite recent advances in gender equality in the workplace, Equileap‘s 2018 Gender Equality Global Report and Ranking reveals just how much work is yet to be done.

El Economista (Spain)


El feminismo cotiza al alza a largo plazo
Los informes no hacen sino señalar algo que ya sabemos: que ser mujer sigue siendo hoy mucho más complicado que ser hombre. Y no solo a nivel familiar -según el estudio “Somos Equipo” del Club de Malasmadres, el 45,2% de las mujeres conviviendo en pareja y aportando la misma cantidad de dinero al hogar que sus parejas declaran ser las principales responsables de las tareas doméstico-familiares- sino también a nivel laboral y por dos vías.

CNBC (United States)


Closing the gap: Grading big business on gender
CNBC’s Dominic Chu examines a new report from Equileap that grades companies on their gender equality and breaks down gender discrepancies.

CNBC (United States)


GM, Bank of America and Johnson & Johnson earn top scores in new study of corporate gender equality
You can’t fix what you don’t measure — so the saying goes — and a new study by Equileap crunches the numbers on gender equality at America’s biggest companies. General Motors, Bank of America and Johnson & Johnson were awarded top marks across 19 criteria, including gender balance in the workforce (senior management and the board), as well as pay equity, parental leave and non-discriminatory hiring practices.

Boersen Zeitung (Germany)


Megatrends verändern die Welt – mit ETFs davon profitieren
“Millennials” legen Wert auf Einhaltung sozialer und ökologischer Kriterien. Megatrends sind transformative Kräfte mit dem Potenzial, sowohl Wirtschaft als auch Gesellschaft grundlegend umzuwälzen und somit alle Bereiche unseres persönlichen Lebens zu verändern.

Forbes (United States)


Women Aren’t Running Self-Driving Car Startups; Zoox Is About To Change That
In 2018, Equileap, a European initiative that promotes gender equality, ranked GM No. 1 on that basis on its list of 200 international companies. No autonomous vehicle companies made the cut.

Marketplace, NPR Radio (United States)


Looking at wealth management through a “gender lens”
“The greatest challenge really is the transparency,” said Diana van Maasdijk, head of Equileap, an organization that compiles gender-equality data — everything from participation rates and pay raises for women to parental leave policies — from companies in 23 countries.

The National (United Arab Emirates)


Why it makes sense to invest in companies with a healthy gender balance
Sustainable investing – where investors focus on socially conscious investments that aim to build a better world – has been gaining traction over the past few decades.
In 2016, one dollar in every five was invested ethically, totalling $8.7 trillion (Dh31.95tn), according to the SIF Foundation, the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investing based in Washington.